Matt Patenaude: Photography

Software engineer by day, hobbyist photographer by different day, I like to combine my love of travel with my love of interesting perspectives. I specialize in landscapes, macro, and the occasional portrait, and I truly hope you like what you see.


After years of “that’s silly” and “why bother”, in 2015, I started a new hobby: photography. Two cameras, 8 lenses, and over 10,000 photos later, I’m ready to share what I’ve made.

“2015” traces my journey through my first year of photography, selecting 160 of the best photos from the more than 10,000 I took during 2015, and presenting them in a beautifully-bound collection without commentary. It's filled with cool stuff, and it'll keep you turning the pages long after 2016 has come and gone.

“2015” is available in hardcover for $95, on iBooks for $24.99, and as a DRM-free PDF and ePUB for $25.


I take nearly 50GB of photos every month—sharing all of them would be silly! Some of the best, though, are just too good to keep to myself.